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IT Transformation

IT Transformation & Spreadsheets

IT systems are core to any business’ products, capabilities and services, whether large or small. As a business changes its strategy and direction, its technology capability must adapt and evolve to help enable these developments.

IT departments have significant experience in developing, managing and adapting their corporate IT systems, to help streamline systems and processes, as well as deliver new capabilities and services. Despite these resources and expertise, IT departments can be challenged when the business makes extensive use of spreadsheets in its critical business processes.

Outsource & Cloud Migration Projects

Significant operational, technical, contractual and business issues need to be addressed simultaneously in outsourcing, insourcing, cloud migration or off-shoring projects. Understanding how spreadsheet features in an IT environment, and how they support and enable mission-critical business processes can be, and has been, the deciding factor in these complex, but vital IT change initiatives.

Project teams need to understand what functionality could be deprecated in the new version or in the new environment. They then need to identify where that functionality lies in the spreadsheets, so they can mitigate and eliminate any business impact from any reduction in functionality in the new environment. Project teams also need to understand how spreadsheets work with other applications and data sources, to ensure that the mission-critical spreadsheets will work as before in the new environment.

Office Upgrade Projects

Functionality will vary between different versions of Microsoft Office, so these issues need to be identified upfront to assure a successful upgrade. Having a complete picture of how spreadsheets are distributed throughout the business, how they work together, and with other applications will help ensure that the upgrade plan fully encompasses the functional risks to the business, together with initiatives to address them.

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The Solution

ClusterSeven delivers capabilities that enable organizations to test large volumes of spreadsheets to identify functionality that may be compromised by the upgrade, by identifying the location of the impacted spreadsheets, code and functions. This approach helps the IT and Excel development teams focus on remediating the identified spreadsheets, rather than spending time reviewing which may be affected.

ClusterSeven offers these capabilities for spreadsheet management:

  • Risk Check
  • Scanning
  • Data lineage
  • Spreadsheet monitoring
  • Spreadsheet comparisons
  • Spreadsheet inventory management