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Gain visibility and control of the spreadsheets that power your business with ClusterSeven. Whether your organization is large or small, has complex or simple needs, we can help.

Test Your Spreadsheets

In ClusterSeven, we have complete visibility of every single spreadsheet from creation through to remediation, with full version history and audit trail. The solution is inherently robust, scalable and reliable.


The core strength of ClusterSeven’s technology is that it gives a fully auditable view of each spreadsheet. We can configure the technology to take all the manual effort away from ensuring that only the right changes occur.

Stephen Ashton, Head of IT Business Management at Dresdner Kleinwort/Commerzbank

ClusterSeven technology is recognized as the market leader. Recent accolades include:

  • ClusterSeven Named Best-of-breed Solution for Data Integrity and Control in 2016 Chartis FinTech Quadrant™

  • ClusterSeven Acknowledged as Best-of-breed Solution in the Chartis 2017 RiskTech Quadrant® for Enterprise GRC Solutions

    Shortlisted for the 2017 CIR Risk Management Awards

  • Named in the Chartis RiskTech 100 2017

Gain Control Of Business-Critical Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets and other End User Computing applications (EUCs) play a significant part in your business processes, but minimizing errors and risk typically takes a lot of time-consuming manual checking.

ClusterSeven can help with an easy-to-use, accessible and non-invasive solution that lets you:

  • Assess and classify the potential risks of your spreadsheets
  • Discover links, hidden text & broken formula within your spreadsheets
  • Uncover the data lineage across your business critical process
  • Active management and control of your spreadsheets
  • Maintain an inventory and audit trail

Why Use ClusterSeven?

  • Transparency and certainty over every step of your spreadsheet-dependent processes

  • Reduced documentation burden around your audit processes

  • Provides a control framework to help you comply with key regulations

  • Increased confidence in the accuracy and lineage of your spreadsheet data

  • Improved productivity with no learning curve for spreadsheet users

  • Reduced operational risks and costs, improving efficiency

  • ISO 27001 certified - be sure that your data is secure

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