Many institutions are still making their minds up about the systems, processes and technologies needed for CECL compliance.  The challenge for those institutions looking to use spreadsheets as part of a CECL compliance framework is need to demonstrate the auditability and repeatability that are central to CECL. This webinar covers the audit risks of spreadsheets under CECL, a best practice approach to assuring full auditability of spreadsheets under CECL, and what a solution that assures this capability would feature.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will take away:

  • An awareness of some of the risks that spreadsheets bring to the audit requirements of CECL.
  • An understanding of the impact they can have on implementing CECL.
  • How to address them, so that they can continue to use spreadsheets as part of their core business processes, while providing the level of control and auditability that CECL needs.

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