The technology environment underpinning banking business processes are growing ever more complex, as both corporate IT and ‘Shadow IT’ – platforms owned by business end users – provide key capabilities to institutions. This webinar sets out the practical steps required to establish a sustainable EUC management process for regulations such as SS3 -18 and IFRS 9 – covering key topics such as identifying and evaluating EUC risks, reviewing your EUC policy, application of appropriate controls to measure and capture the level of risk and leveraging technology to simplify and automate these process. Following these steps will lead to an easy to manage, repeatable process that not only improves compliance, but also reduce costs and the level of effort over time too.

Watch the webinar on-demand and learn:

  • Practical steps to building a framework to mitigate EUC Risk,
  • Define Risk appetite and EUC policy including roles and responsibilities,
  • Building the EUC inventory & establishing controls,
  • Decommissioning EUCs and Rationalization of the EUC estate.


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