How can you bring your Excel spreadsheets and other End User Computing applications (EUCs) under management if you don’t know what you’ve got, where everything is, or how it’s all linked together?

The Discovery and Spider features allow you to understand your EUC estate and help you validate and carry out a risk assessment of your inventory.


Discovery will scan your infrastructure to locate all your Excel spreadsheets, Access® databases or other file types. It will show you how many there are, when they were created and modified, and their file sizes.

Discovery can then carry out a deeper scan on individual files using risk rules you specify. For example, you could ask it to flag up Excel spreadsheets containing hidden worksheets, complex calculations, or sensitive terms like ‘confidential’. You’ll then be able to examine those files in more detail to assess their materiality and associated regulatory, financial or other risk.

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Spider is used to expose the data lineage for individual files. For each one it creates a dependency tree that shows the file’s data sources and its relationships with other EUC files in your organization. You’ll be able to see which files are critical to your operations, and gain insight into the associated risks regarding data and input quality.

Once you’ve used Discovery and Spider to locate critical EUCs and understand how they’re connected, you’ll be ready to move them into management with ClusterSeven IMS, ESM and ADM.

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