We are looking forward to, once again attending the Annual Banking Operational Risk Management Summit in Vienna in 2020. At the event we will be there to discuss how our solutions help banks to increase visibility and control of their spreadsheets and End User Computing (EUC) applications.

We can help, with an easy-to-use solution that enables you to:
• Assess and classify the potential risks of models, tools, calculators and other EUCs (including spreadsheets).
• Compare spreadsheet versions.
• Discover links within a spreadsheet to other data sources.
• Maintain an inventory of critical models, EUCs and spreadsheets.

Join us and be part of an interactive discussion on the key topics that Operational Risk professionals are facing today in Europe.

Key topics at the event:

  • How to protect against the increasing threat of cyber-attacks?
  • Importance of strategic relationship among the 3 lines of defence.
  • How to minimize risk and maximize benefits associated with third-party vendors?
  • Integration between the operational risk, reputational risk, conduct risk and others.
  • Benefits vs. drawback of regulations for operational risk management.
  • Emerging risks – How to identify and mitigate them?
  • Measurement of risk appetite for operational risk.

Visit the event website to sign up to the conference and come visit our stand when you are there.

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