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Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood harnesses ultra-smart technology, innovative approach and industry expertise to unlock data to tell a story. The result amplifies your corporate intelligence and enables the insight created to be leveraged for business action, change or improvement.

  • Data Integration – utilizing our next gen smart data platforms we can rapidly integrate both structured and un-structured data from any internal and/or external sources including real time streaming.
  • Data Aggregation – you can aggregate that data in both determinate and non-determinate ways.
  • Data Interrogation – you can drill down into low levels of data for deep analysis, investigation, and insight.
  • Data Governance – with extensive industry experience we provide the tools to understand your data landscape and how best to given and extract value from it.


Leader in spreadsheet deployment software – Excel is the most widely used business tool in the world. However, it is designed as a desktop solution rather than an enterprise tool, and when critical spreadsheets, often with VBA and macros, are made accessible to multiple users within an organization, then the result is often loss of version control, unsecured intellectual property, compromised reliability and integrity, and lack of any auditability – otherwise known as “spreadsheet chaos”.


Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. We have served more than 60 percent of Fortune 1000® and 35 percent of Fortune Global 500® companies through our network of more than 70 offices in over 20 countries. We also work with smaller, growing companies as well as with government agencies.

Protiviti’s End User Computing team can assist with developing EUC Risk frameworks, policies and procedures that are capable of meeting regulatory standards. We also perform EUC gap analysis, remediation activities, model validation, governance assessments and implementation of EUC risk management tools.

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