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Business Case for Managing Spreadsheets & EUCs 2

To build an effective business case for any form of technology it is important to understand the challenges it will help your organization to address and the benefits and ROI that may result. We have a number of resources that will help you to build a business case for using technology to manage your organizations end user computing. Within ‘The business case for managing Spreadsheets & EUCs – part 2’  you can understand how to evaluate the options you have for managing end user computing and therefore the business case that can be derived and presented to your organization.


Webinar: The Business Case for Managing Spreadsheets And Other EUC Applications

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • How EUCs & Spreadsheets are used within organizations
  • How EUCs when managed and controlled provide inherent value
  • The Return on Investment for Managing EUCs

Report: The Business Case for Managing End User Computing

Read this whitepaper to find out 6 vital factors to consider when calculating the potential ROI your organization can recognize by using technology to manage your end user computing. These include:

  • The increased value EUC management delivers to your business through, for example, increased business agility and improve data quality
  • Costs that EUC management help your firm to reduce or avoid, such as those associated with spreadsheet errors, reputational damage or fines from regulatory non-compliance.

Download the report

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