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Business Case for Managing Spreadsheets & EUCs 1

To build an effective business case for any form of technology it is important to understand the challenges it will help your organization to address and the benefits and ROI that may result. We have a number of resources that will help you to build a business case for using technology to manage your organizations end user computing. Within ‘Business Case for Managing Spreadsheets – Part 1’  you can understand how to quantify the potential financial risk spreadsheets and EUCs may pose to your organization. You can also hear from industry experts who consider the other forms of risk that may result such as operational, regulatory and reputational.


Report: The Quantification of EUC Risk

Working with ClusterSeven as Research Partner, Chartis has launched its latest report; Quantification of End User Computing Risk in Financial Services.

This report details the risks associated with EUC, as well as the potential consequences to financial institutions. It then highlights the importance of a quantified approach to EUC risk, details the stages and inputs involved in the new methodology, and describes an example use of the methodology from public data of loss events.

Download The Report

Webinar: End User Computing risk - The Elephant In The Room

With an estimated £50bn exposure for the financial industry as a whole, the importance of EUC risk still lacks the attention that it rightly deserves. This webinar, in partnership with Cluster Seven and Chartis Research, will give insight into the following issues:

  • A risk without an owner – understanding end-user computing risk and the threat that it poses to your firm
  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure- the business case for investing in appropriate EUC risk management processes
  • How can firms stay ahead of the game?
  • Finding a solution before it’s too late.

The Panel
Moderator: Joel Clark, Freelance Journalist,
Speaker: Sam Lee, Head of Operational Risk, EMEA, Sumitomo Banking Corporation
Speaker: Peyman Mestchian, Managing Partner, Chartis Research
Speaker: Smita Baliga, Director, PWC
Speaker: Henry Umney, Vice President of Sales, ClusterSeven

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