Is Spreadsheet Management for You?

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Surveys by leading auditors show that over 70% of major businesses are critically dependent on spreadsheets. Efforts to eliminate spreadsheets repeatedly fail due to their fundamental value in closing the gap between business needs and formal IT applications. Nevertheless, this approach causes problems:

  • Audit points on lack of electronic audit evidence (EAE) for control leading to expensive, time consuming audit meetings

  • Regulatory criticism leading to expensive, time consuming reporting

  • Financial reporting mistakes with loss of money and reputation

  • External and client reporting mistakes costing you money and reputation

  • Missed business deadlines while spreadsheets are checked and corrected

  • Poor business and IT relations due to incomplete/delayed information management

  • Erratic delivery of spreadsheet replacement projects such as BI and CPM

  • Slow access to historical business trends and information

  • Exposure to potential fraud

ClusterSeven’s spreadsheet management solution solves all these problems without reducing the flexibility or performance of Excel so that you can:

  • Achieve peace of mind through demonstrable transparency and control - reducing operational risk and satisfying auditors and regulators

  • Understand the data flowing through your critical spreadsheets and their links to databases and other applications (including other spreadsheets)

  • Rapidly assess inherent business risk in your spreadsheets and easily apply controls to reduce the chance of error

  • Rapidly detect and correct mistakes or possible fraud

  • Transform business processes such as reporting, reconciliation and data validations by eliminating manual checks and processes

  • Increase revenues by exposing new opportunities and getting new products to market faster.

  • Accelerate the replacement of spreadsheets by central, robust applications

ClusterSeven is the leading provider of risk management solutions for spreadsheets and Access databases, collectively called end-user computing. Our technology is built 100% in-house and we can provide excellent client references from a range of leading global and national insitutions. Our solutions are recognized as the most scalable, robust and least intrusive to the end-user. This industry-leading position allows us to offer a best practice solution for all your needs.

Download this Datasheet