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    Welcome to ClusterSeven

    Our software manages your model risk and end user computing applications (mostly spreadsheets). You get governance, easy audits, lower costs and new business insight. Click to see what our clients say.

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    What are the benefits?

    ClusterSeven automatically documents activity in spreadsheets for regulatory and audit compliance. Manual checks are replaced, reducing risk and improving productivity. Cleverest of all, your unstructured financial data is now organized for easy analysis and integration with the rest of your data.

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    How it works?

    ClusterSeven watches your end user computing (EUC) without getting in the way of users. When we see unusual activity (or lack of activity) we send out alerts and reports for rapid resolution. And all the time we are collecting and organizing your unstructured financial data for new business insight.

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    Why ClusterSeven?

    ClusterSeven is non-invasive for rapid deployment and adoption. An exceptional range of alerts and reports, plus the unique capture of unstructured financial data, ensures full and fast reporting with new business intelligence. No wonder we have the best customer references and case studies.

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  • Our Solutions

    ClusterSeven solves the challenges of pervasive end-user computing (EUC) in dynamic organizations, without getting in the way of business users. Now you can establish control and gain a complete view of your business – for the first time combining validated, unstructured financial data with your central applications such as BI and GRC

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