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    Welcome to ClusterSeven

    We provide governance for your end user computing - mostly spreadsheets - and financial models; reducing operational risk and costs e.g. for SOX, stress-testing and data aggregation. See what our clients say...

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    What are the benefits?

    ClusterSeven delivers model risk management for all your models - from end user computing applications (such as spreadsheets) through to more robust applications. Whatever your mix of models, our software helps you discover, register and maintain all their components to ensure a living inventory for regulatory and audit compliance.

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    How it works?

    ClusterSeven provides rich and flexible capabilities to analyze your models for risk, complexity and materiality. We also provide data validation, data lineage, and change management across your end user computing (EUC) applications. This ensures that you can maintain a living inventory and audit trail of these volatile modelling components while highlighting issues for rapid resolution.

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    Why ClusterSeven?

    ClusterSeven knows that financial modelling is dynamic. You need to be able to respond rapidly to changes – whether driven by external regulatory mandates or new expert judgement. Our solutions ensure that your business can stay flexible and agile, while maintaining best practice for your model risk management. No wonder we have the best customer references and case studies.

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  • Our Solutions

    ClusterSeven provides an integrated suite of solutions to support your model risk management – from auditing the rapid evolution of innovative spreadsheets through to governance of more formal model solutions. This includes discovery, inventory, data validation and lineage, risk assessment and change control.

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