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Model Management

Why Is Spreadsheet Risk An Issue?

Spreadsheets are often the ‘go to’ application for building models because of their convenience, power & flexibility. However, data accuracy issues can arise if spreadsheets are updated or developed without suitable controls in place. At best, this leads to hours wasted checking over files to identify and correct errors. At worst it could mean making decisions based on poor data, leading to commercial or reputational harm to the business at potential interest from regulators.

The Solution? Automated Spreadsheet Risk Management

Take control of your model risk management by automating your spreadsheet management. Design, develop & manage the models used across your business with either our cloud or on premise solutions that allow you to:

  • Discover the spreadsheets across your business network.
  • Build custom workflow & approval processes.
  • Compare multiple versions of a file to identify the changes made.
  • Meet regulatory requirements such as TRIM and SS3/18.

Where We Help With Model Management

CECL Reporting    SS3/18 Stress Testing    SR 11-7 Model Governance

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