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Extract, Tranform & Load Data


The Problem of Unstructured Data

Unstructured data, like the constantly changing data sets in spreadsheets, can be a real challenge for data management teams. Without locking a file down, removing the flexibility that is one of the inherent strengths of Excel, data management teams are presented with a significant problem in bringing that information into their data warehouse.



Discover Seamless Data Integration

Leverage our technology to give your data management team an efficient and robust framework for importing dynamic spreadsheet data into a data warehouse environment. Our capabilities include:

  • Indexing functionality of nominated datasets.
  • Automated review and assessment of spreadsheet data.
  • Full transparency and auditability of any changes.

Achieve a Single, Golden Source of Data

Bring all your corporate data into one place efficiently and enable users to continue utilizing their Excel spreadsheets with complete flexibility, with a proven solution for extracting to a data warehouse.

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