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Extract, Transform & Load Data


The Problem of Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is created every day, often residing in Excel. Users can change the format, shape & location of data in a spreadsheet, creating problems for a standard ETL process & affecting the quality and audibility of the data in a data warehouse.

Without locking down the file (removing a key benefit of spreadsheets), changes to file names, data structure etc can pose a significant problem to bringing a web of unstructured Excel data into a data warehouse.


Discover Seamless Data Integration

Leverage our technology to give your data management team an efficient and robust framework for importing dynamic spreadsheet data into a data warehouse environment. Our capabilities include:

  • Indexing functionality of nominated datasets,
  • Automated review and assessment of spreadsheet data,
  • Full transparency and auditability of any changes,

With no changes to the standard Excel user experience.

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Achieve a Single, Golden Source of Data

Bring all your corporate data into one place efficiently and enable users to continue utilizing their Excel spreadsheets with complete flexibility, with a proven solution for extracting to a data warehouse.

Reduce operational risk and save money with a single, golden source of critical Excel data for your organization.

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