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Transformation Projects

The Challenge of Change

Transformation is a near constant for many businesses, as they change to meet the needs of their customers. A successful transformation project can help the business to thrive and develop. A flawed project can create new problems and hold the business back.

Having a firm grasp of a business’ key spreadsheets, their significance, location, ownership and dependence on corporate applications will provide a foundation for any IT or business change project. Ensure the spreadsheets in your business are not the cause of a delay to your transformation project, find out more about how we can help:

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Automated Spreadsheet Risk Management

ClusterSeven offers spreadsheet risk management solutions that allow businesses to manage their spreadsheet estate in the same way they manage their corporate IT applications.

Our solutions allows organizations to fully understand the nature of their spreadsheet estate, its business value and inherent risk. This approach allows firms to plan, manage and execute any transformation project, safe in the knowledge that the spreadsheet sheet estate, and the critical business process they assure, will work just as well after the transformation as before.

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