Is the ‘Spreadsheet Spiral’ nightmare keeping you awake at night?

On 28th November ClusterSeven hosted a webinar to discuss the Spreadsheet Spiral, after a FSN Modern Finance Forum study found that almost three-quarters of businesses are dependent on spreadsheets for collecting data, 69% of CFO’s rely on spreadsheets to plaster-over their reporting processes and 97% of CFO’s are being kept awake by these antiquated reporting processes.

This webinar discussed the following topics:

  • The Future of Financial Reporting
  • Technology to Drive Change
  • ClusterSeven, Azure and Microsoft UK

So, if a lack of control, looming deadlines and the potential of unanswerable questions in the boardroom are keeping you awake, invest half an hour in watching the webinar recording to hear how ClusterSeven can release you from the spreadsheet spiral that dominates your life (and your nightmares).

See below for the webinar recording and detail of the speakers.

Webinar speakers:

  • Gary Simon, Chief Executive, FSN

    Gary is a highly sought after lecturer and trusted provider of 'thought leadership'​ and analysis about finance and business systems for CFO's around the world. He addresses thousands of finance professionals annually about the issues and challenges affecting the CFO’s role. The bulk of Gary Simon’s professional experience has been as a senior consulting partner with Deloitte, one of the largest professional services organisations in the world. His field of expertise is information strategy, performance management and financial reporting systems working at Board level with global 2,000 companies, large public sector organisations and central government as well as spells in the mid-market. After almost 17 year as a consulting partner he set up his own highly successful publishing house FSN Publishing Limited in 2005 and works extensively as a popular market analyst, running FSN's popular Modern Finance Forum on Linkedin for more than 48,000 CFOs around the globe.

  • Henry Umney, CEO, ClusterSeven

    Henry joined ClusterSeven in 2006 and for over 10 years was responsible for the commercial operations of ClusterSeven, overseeing globally all Sales and Client activity as well as Partner engagements. In July 2017 he was appointed Interim CEO and is strongly positioned to take the business forward. Henry brings over 20 years of experience and expertise from the financial service and technology sectors. Prior to ClusterSeven, he held the position of sales director in Microgen, London and various sales management positions in AFA Systems and DART, both in the UK and Asia.

  • Kevin Lief, Partner Development Manager (ISVs), Microsoft UK

    Kevin joined Microsoft in 2008 and has working in a number of roles, mainly focusing on helping app developers capitalise on the Microsoft developer and cloud platform. Having qualified originally as a programmer, Kevin has spent 20+ years selling various software solutions, both direct and through channel partners. Prior to Microsoft, Kevin held positions at AlphaGen Limited, HansaWorld and Pastel Software in a variety of sales roles.

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