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  • Challenge

    Many organizations who have recognized the risk of EUCs to the business have formulized the controls required in an EUC Policy. The challenge the organization has in meeting the requirements of these policies without technology is manually intensive and prone to error.

  • Solution

    Use ClusterSeven to ensure you are in complete control of your spreadsheets, giving you the tools and insight to risk check, compare and manage your spreadsheets consistently in line with your EUC policy requirements.

  • Benefits

    – Non invasive, effective control for spreadsheets
    Ability to meet EUC Policy
    – Lower cost of ownership
    – Transparency
    – Time saving

EUC use cases

Policy adherence


To meet audit requirements, you must demonstrate that information in business-critical spreadsheets is accurate, verifiable, retrievable and well documented.


ClusterSeven exposes the sources for data inputs and outputs. It identifies any changes made to a spreadsheet and helps you spot any that don’t meet your organization’s control policy.


  • Confidence in the accuracy and validity of spreadsheet data
  • Adherence to internal control policies



Relying on manual processes makes it difficult to comply with regulatory or audit requirements for maintaining an inventory of spreadsheets and other EUCs.


ClusterSeven provides comprehensive inventory management capabilities, including identification of complexity and materiality in your EUC estate, integration of stakeholder information from Active Directory, and application of appropriate controls.


  • Less likelihood of failed audits and non-compliance
  • Avoidance of associated financial and other losses



How can you decide which spreadsheets should be transitioned to enterprise IT applications, and which should be retained for end-users?


ClusterSeven’s spreadsheet management and governance framework help you manage the lifecycle and decommissioning strategies for your spreadsheets, as well as improve overall management of spreadsheets and other EUCs.


  • Improved ability to identify EUCs for migration and integration
  • Active management of EUCs that remain in use



Proving to regulators and audit committees that your organization has taken the required steps to comply with regulations can be a challenging and intrusive process.


ClusterSeven logs completed attestation questionnaires with the user’s login and date/time stamp as proof; and sends reminder emails next time an attestation is needed.


  • Organizational peace of mind around attestations
  • Minimal interruption to users’ daily routines



Used in an uncontrolled way, spreadsheets can expose the business to risk. Without visibility of these potential risks, you could fail to meet your GRC commitments.


ClusterSeven automates spreadsheet management, streamlining reporting of potential failings to ensure data accuracy and risk mitigation across the GRC landscape.


  • Understanding of spreadsheet risk and how to manage it
  • Ability to meet GRC commitments more easily
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