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The Future Of Financial Reporting

ClusterSeven and the FSN Modern Finance Forum partnered on this 2017 survey entitled “The Future of Financial Reporting”.


The key findings of this survey give an insight into some of the challenges that CFOs face today, and the rationale behind their strategic priorities.


With more than 977 senior finance members participating in the survey from 23 countries across the globe, it is by far one of the most authoritative studies of its kind.

Webinar: The Future Of Financial Reporting

Watch this webinar where Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN, introduce the key findings of the “the future of financial reporting” survey.

The financial reporting process is teetering under the strain of new information demands, a spreadsheet-spiral, a fragile reporting ecosystem and consequent problems in boardroom.

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Infographic: The Spreadsheet Spiral

Click the image below to see the results of the survey.

Webinar: How Can CFOs Break Out Of The Spreadsheet Spiral?

Watch this webinar to found out what can be done to exit the spreadsheet spiral.

The latest research by the FSN Modern Finance Forum entitled “The future of financial reporting Survey 2017”, shows that CFOs are caught in a spreadsheet spiral whirlwind and it seems that they are unable to find a way out of it. This is greatly impacting and even exacerbating the challenges that finance departments face in meeting the reporting demands from internal and external authorities.

Few businesses know the true extent of their spreadsheet ‘universe’ but this doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about the problem!

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