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d-fine And ClusterSeven Selected To Implement EUC Management Environment At A Major European Bank.

Working closely with d-fine and ClusterSeven, the customer implemented a solution that took the guesswork out of finding and managing some of its most business critical applications.

Our solution helped to provide enhanced management visibility of its operational risks, reduce its cost base and enhance the service it provided to its customers, management and stakeholders.

Case Study

The Challenge

Enhancing Operational Risk Management While Assuring Business Flexibility.

Like many financial institutions, the bank made extensive use of EUC applications to deliver many core business applications that support the objectives of the business, including portfolio management, market risk, credit risk, tax management, finance management, as well as management and regulatory reporting. These EUC applications complemented the corporate IT environment, and proved very popular with end users, who were looking for speed and flexibility, while the corporate IT department was looking for stability and control.

Using EUC applications as a ‘quick fix’ approach was valuable for the business, as it helped to address critical issues speedily and efficiently. It helped ensure that staff could respond swiftly to a demanding customer base.

However these ‘ad hoc’ spreadsheets soon became part of the business as usual, but without the essential management controls that are central to corporate IT applications. The bank’s senior management recognized that this situation could expose the bank to errors that could compromise the quality of the banks’ risk management and portfolio management. There was also a desire for better transparency, so that they could be assured that the information they were using to make strategic decisions about the bank was based on sound foundations.

In response to this situation, the bank was looking for a powerful EUC management solution as well as for services like solution customization, the scheduling of the regular EUC management cycle and also training users with the new solution. Working alongside d-fine, we provided these powerful software tools and associated services hand-in-hand.

Our Solution

Enterprise Strength Discovery And
Inventory Management Capabilities.

The solution encompassed two of our platforms – Discovery and Inventory Management System (IMS) – which allowed the customer to identify key business EUC applications in the business, and then assess them in terms of their importance and significance to the business.

Our Discovery platform provided the customer with the ability scan their entire IT estate, allowing them to identify all the spreadsheet EUC applications across the business – on PCs, servers and shared drives. This solution also enabled the bank to understand how spreadsheets were connected to one another, and to other applications.

Our IMS platform allowed the bank to apply objective criteria, supported by d-fine – such as materiality, risk and complexity, so that users could quickly, efficiently and effectively risk assess and rank their most critical spreadsheets. The platform’s scalability allowed large volumes of spreadsheets to be registered in the shortest period of time.

Combined with powerful filtering and reporting capabilities, IMS allowed the bank to speedily identify the spreadsheets that needed the most management attention. It also enabled the bank to identify those applications that were of sufficient importance to the business that the best option was to migrate the functionality of these core spreadsheets to a corporate IT environment.

The Benefits

Enterprise Wide Flexibility, Enterprise Level Control.

Implementing the solution has allowed the bank to make a step change move in the way it manages a core element of its technology environment, that is central to its risk management, its management control and its cost base.

The solution has helped the bank to enhance its operational risk management by providing it with a full picture of how spreadsheets are used in the business, and their true business value. It provides everything they need to make fully informed decisions about how to most effectively manage a broad array of key spreadsheet-based business applications.

The solution delivers this capability cost effectively, ensuring
that the bank can achieve its risk management objectives, without the need to increase team size. It satisfies the needs of its customer, key stakeholders, regulators and management.

The bank now has the best of both worlds, as end users can continue to use their favored desktop application, while still allowing the bank to have the visibility of how the applications are used, and whether the most critical spreadsheet application are better suited to being hosted on an enterprise computing environment.

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