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A Guide To Spreadsheet Management

Managing the risks posed by the spreadsheets and other EUCs that power business-critical processes requires a robust spreadsheet management policy, supported by appropriate technology.

Spreadsheet Management In Action

Right now, spreadsheet risk checking, comparison and inventory is helping individuals and organizations take control of their business critical processes.

What is Spreadsheet Risk?

What Are The Benefits Of Spreadsheet Management?

When an organization brings its business-critical spreadsheets and other EUCs under management, it gains greater visibility and control over the data and its use, leading to:

  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of calculations and conclusions
  • More efficient and transparent spreadsheet-dependent processes
  • Certainty about what’s happening at every step

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  • Organizations need solutions like ClusterSeven for spreadsheet and EUC controls that are usable at all levels of the organization, in addition to supporting the needs of audit, risk, and compliance professionals.

    Michael Rasmussen, GRC Economist & Pundit, GRC 20/20 Research, LLC
  • Today, our EUC landscape is manageable. There is transparency of the EUC models, and along with rationalization, we are confident of the integrity of the data used in all our business-critical calculations.


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