ClusterSeven provides powerful Model Risk Management (MRM) capabilities that allow financial institutions to deliver their comprehensive MRM initiatives, quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Institutions need a flexible, dynamic and effective MRM solution that can evolve as their requirements, and their business, evolve. Uniquely, ClusterSeven MRM covers a range of model environments, as well as the tools and calculators that feed them, to provide a powerful, flexible and cost effective MRM solution for any institution.

Implementing MRM in a Complex Modelling Environment

Model applications run in this environment are typically managed manually, which put staff under pressure to verify accuracy and manage change documentation, generate reports and provide the transparency management and regulators increasingly demand. With limited resource, time and budget, modelling teams are challenged to deliver maintain and enhance the service to the business, reduce model risk, and also complying with enhanced regulatory scrutiny.

A Flexible, Dynamic MRM Solution Set to Meet Your Evolving Requirements

ClusterSeven offers a scaleable MRM platforms that allows institutions to implement a solution that quickly and easily meets their requirements:

  1. MRM Express: Template-based MRM for Model applications
  2. MRM Enterprise: Enterprise-strength MRM, to provide MRM for Models, and Excel & Access-based Tools and Calculators
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