We are excited to be at this American Bankers Association (ABA) webinar with representatives from Ernst & Young to speak about an overview of the limitations of existing MRM environments and how they can be addressed in an operational, commercial and regulatory context.

Attending this webinar will help you ask the right questions when considering a new MRM framework, including:

  • Do you need a single inventory for all your models and EUCs?
  • Does the platform allow you to control your model risk policy and EUC policy?
  • Does the MRM platform fully capture, track and manage model inputs, outputs and calculations?
  • Should a MRM encompass the full model life cycle or just manage the model build, validation and testing phases?

You will gain insight into the practical considerations of designing a new MRM framework, and learn about research into the new dynamics of MRM and how it can help quantify and qualify the scale of the challenge they face, as well as the business case for addressing it.

Learn more about the webinar on the ABA website here.

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