We are pleased to be sponsoring the 2020 GFMI 15th Edition Model Risk conference workshop in San Francisco. This workshop will evaluate model risk management and governance strategies that incorporate data, machine learning and AI in finance. Challenges, best practices, metrics and interpretability and bias in digital age financial risk models will also be explored.

We will be at the event to discuss how our expertise and solutions can help address these challenges and achieve best practice in model risk management quickly, and at a lower cost than many would expect.

Other topics covered at the conference include:

  • Hear from regulators about current regulatory expectations and how SR11-7 compliance is changing.
  • Utilize AI and ML algorithms to leverage model risk framework.
  • Aggregate model risk at the enterprise level.
  • Tackle ongoing demand for up skilling in model risk talent.
  • Master the validation and management of CECL models as a smaller institution.

For more information, to see the full agenda or purchase tickets to the event, see the event website.


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