“ClusterSeven provides a solution that many organizations don’t realize they need until they see it in action. As soon as they recognize the value it delivers and the opportunities for business development and control, they’re ready to sing its praises.”

  • I joined straight from university — I wanted a job that would relate to my degree and let me expand my knowledge
  • I’m part of the team that works with ClusterSeven’s partners and looks for new partner opportunities
  • I enjoy working in a team that wants to show the benefits of ClusterSeven and takes pride in the relationships we build with our clients and partners

Best thing about my colleagues? Everyone works hard but there’s a sociable vibe — we often have lunch together, and there’s always time for a quick chat and a laugh.

My workday fuel? Strong tea, no sugar, and just a teaspoon of milk (my colleagues argue it’s not really tea); a yoghurt or a biscuit mid-afternoon.

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