ClusterSeven is small enough that you know everyone’s name, but large enough that there’s scope to move around and develop career. There’s all sorts of tech to work with, interesting problems to solve, and a nice amount of engineering interaction with clients.

  • I came straight from university into QA as a software developer in test
  • After a couple of years, I asked to work as a standard developer so that I could see things I did being used by people outside the QA team
  • Over time I became the lead on one ClusterSeven product, while working as part of the team on another product

Best thing about my colleagues? They’re a bright and friendly bunch, which creates a stimulating yet relaxed atmosphere. Of all the companies where I had interviews, ClusterSeven is where I felt most at ease — and that’s all down to the people.

My workday fuel? Morning chocolate bar, big lunch, one double espresso (no sugar), plenty of water.

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