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Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood harnesses ultra-smart technology, innovative approach and industry expertise to unlock data to tell a story. The result amplifies your corporate intelligence and enables the insight created to be leveraged for business action, change or improvement.

  • Data Integration – utilizing our next gen smart data platforms we can rapidly integrate both structured and un-structured data from any internal and/or external sources including real time streaming.
  • Data Aggregation – you can aggregate that data in both determinate and non-determinate ways.
  • Data Interrogation – you can drill down into low levels of data for deep analysis, investigation, and insight.
  • Data Governance – with extensive industry experience we provide the tools to understand your data landscape and how best to given and extract value from it.


With over 700 specialists in financial and risk management for banks, insurers, corporates and asset managers, d-fine is one of Europe’s leading consulting firms.

As an international company with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Vienna and Zurich we are equally at home advising major global banks, medium-sized corporates, international insurance groups and small hedge funds.

d-fine has amassed tremendous experience over the course of hundreds of projects ranging from strategic consulting and methodology development through to process design and the implementation of solutions on the IT side. As such, we cover the entire range of services expected of a modern consulting firm.

d-fine’s success is of course rooted in the expertise of its people. Our consultants have a strong scientific background on which to base the analytical, mathematical and technical skills they need: 50 % of our consultants graduated in physics, with 35 % in maths and 15 % in IT or economics.

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Leveraging technology to deliver frictionless solutions to the Australian Financial Services Industry.

We are highly experienced business and technology consultants who are passionate about assisting Australian financial services companies leverage technology to drive efficiencies, deliver insight and ensure regulatory compliance. We differentiate ourselves by combining deep domain expertise with technical know-how and a hands-on approach.

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