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Operational Change Specialist – Armour Group provide outsource and change services to the insurance industry. We recognize that every client has its own particular goals and challenges and believe in shaping solutions to meet specific client needs.

With a business and operations focus we help clients maximize their investment in Cluster Seven to deliver confident and confident adoption of the technology solutions and business processes and behaviors that deliver confident, efficient, compliant and sustainable results.

We support all aspect of people, process and/or technology based change, providing:

  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Business Analysis
  • Test Management
  • Change Management
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Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood harnesses ultra-smart technology, innovative approach and industry expertise to unlock data to tell a story. The result amplifies your corporate intelligence and enables the insight created to be leveraged for business action, change or improvement.

  • Data Integration – utilizing our next gen smart data platforms we can rapidly integrate both structured and un-structured data from any internal and/or external sources including real time streaming.
  • Data Aggregation – you can aggregate that data in both determinate and non-determinate ways.
  • Data Interrogation – you can drill down into low levels of data for deep analysis, investigation, and insight.
  • Data Governance – with extensive industry experience we provide the tools to understand your data landscape and how best to given and extract value from it.


With over 700 specialists in financial and risk management for banks, insurers, corporates and asset managers, d-fine is one of Europe’s leading consulting firms.

As an international company with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Vienna and Zurich we are equally at home advising major global banks, medium-sized corporates, international insurance groups and small hedge funds.

d-fine has amassed tremendous experience over the course of hundreds of projects ranging from strategic consulting and methodology development through to process design and the implementation of solutions on the IT side. As such, we cover the entire range of services expected of a modern consulting firm.

d-fine’s success is of course rooted in the expertise of its people. Our consultants have a strong scientific background on which to base the analytical, mathematical and technical skills they need: 50 % of our consultants graduated in physics, with 35 % in maths and 15 % in IT or economics.

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Leader in spreadsheet deployment software – Excel is the most widely used business tool in the world. However, it is designed as a desktop solution rather than an enterprise tool, and when critical spreadsheets, often with VBA and macros, are made accessible to multiple users within an organization, then the result is often loss of version control, unsecured intellectual property, compromised reliability and integrity, and lack of any auditability – otherwise known as “spreadsheet chaos”.


F1F9 has been remediating and maintaining spreadsheet models since 1999. We deal with a wide range of sectors and diverse spreadsheet uses. From project finance forecasting to enterprise analysis and reporting. From company valuation to operational models. In addition, we provide training across a range of modelling topics and levels.

F1F9 is the driving force behind the FAST Standard, a uniquely transparent, maintainable, and comprehensive spreadsheet modelling methodology. We have also pioneered offshore modelling: our 40-strong team in New Delhi is now the most competitive spreadsheet remediation resource available.


GreySpark provides the expert advice necessary to deliver change to investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms. By engaging directly with clients’ trading, risk, operations and technology departments, GreySpark manages business and project lifecycles, from inception to completion. Our team’s deep expertise and vast experience in Technology, Electronic Trading, Digital & eCommerce, Regulatory Compliance, Data Management Surveillance and Risk Management ensures that the correct solutions for change are delivered, every time.

GreySpark knows that a deep understanding of the functioning of the capital markets and the technology that underpins them is necessary for success. Our Fintech and Capital Markets Intelligence Practices provide the analysis and insights necessary to stay ahead and stay informed.


Kinaesis are the leading financial services data consultancy focusing on Data Strategy and Execution through their DataOps methodology. We use DataOps expertise to help our clients secure competitive advantage.

We help our clients with:

  • Regulatory delivery including pervasive data management from DataOps
  • Enterprise stress testing solutions across multiple regions
  • Modern scalable high-performance data management frameworks
  • Consolidation of your IT and User application estate to optimize costs, increase compliance and reduce risk

Single customer view to delivery better insight and knowledge leading to better customer experience as well as improved revenue through upsell, cross sell, and next best action.


Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. We have served more than 60 percent of Fortune 1000® and 35 percent of Fortune Global 500® companies through our network of more than 70 offices in over 20 countries. We also work with smaller, growing companies as well as with government agencies.

Protiviti’s End User Computing team can assist with developing EUC Risk frameworks, policies and procedures that are capable of meeting regulatory standards. We also perform EUC gap analysis, remediation activities, model validation, governance assessments and implementation of EUC risk management tools.


Leveraging technology to deliver frictionless solutions to the Australian Financial Services Industry.

We are highly experienced business and technology consultants who are passionate about assisting Australian financial services companies leverage technology to drive efficiencies, deliver insight and ensure regulatory compliance. We differentiate ourselves by combining deep domain expertise with technical know-how and a hands-on approach.

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