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ClusterSeven Partners

ClusterSeven has an extensive global partner network of organizations who work with companies to address their challenging business issues.

We work with organizations with expertise in areas such as spreadsheet management, End-User Computing (EUC), governance, compliance and risk management, financial planning and analytics, data modelling, data quality and governance and GDPR.

Our Partners help customers develop Excel models, audit and remediate Excel files and models, create Model Risk Governance models, manage spreadsheet risk, and create and manage EUC policies across a broad range of industries.

ClusterSeven Partner Types

There for four different ways in which you can work with us as a ClusterSeven Partner. Choose one or a blend of several:

Services Consulting Partners

Our Services Consulting partners offer ClusterSeven solutions as part of their consulting engagement to their customers. They work with us to:

  • Deploy policies and controls on regulations including BCBS 239, IFRS9, CECL, GDPR, SR-11, Solvency II and many more.
  • Create controls around EUCs and inventory management.
  • Monitor policies and Excel files for change as part of a sustainable audit process.
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Excel Modelling / Remediation Partners

Our Modelling Partners develop, review and audit excel models for finance and business planning as an example. Working with ClusterSeven they can offer:

  • Risk assessment services of spreadsheets as an audit or review process.
  • Enhanced model review services, as a managed Service model On Premise or in the Cloud.
  • Excel change management and remediation services for key files.
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‘As A Service’ Solutions

ClusterSeven’s flexible solutions allow our partners to further develop their competitive edge. We offer our partners the opportunity to:

  • Deliver ‘White label’ solutions or leverage our platform to extend their own IP and expertise.
  • Improve their competitiveness through innovative technology, driving new additional revenue.
  • Increase margins and accelerate time-to-market.
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Referral Partners

Organizations can choose to work with us as Referral Partner, recommending ClusterSeven solutions to their customers. This enables Partners to:

  • Benefit from our solutions without the commitment of our other Partner types.
  • Gain access to our experience staff to help win the opportunity.
  • Elect to receive a referral fee when a business purchases a ClusterSeven solution.

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