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Helping You Identify Spreadsheet Risk

Our specialist Partners help customers identify spreadsheet risk, remediate spreadsheets, establish policies and processes as well as offering solutions across a broad range of industries and for (business area) specific applications.

They offer expertise in areas such as spreadsheet management, End-User Computing (EUC) governance and risk management, financial planning & analysis, data quality and governance, GDPR and GRC (governance, risk and compliance).

Work With A ClusterSeven Partner

We're proud to collaborate with a variety of leading Partners from across the globe who identify spreadsheet risk as a key challenge for their customers, regardless of industry or size.

Advisory & Consulting Partners specialize in using ClusterSeven to:

  • Enable clients to create and deploy policies and controls around EUCs (End User Computing) and other regulations and controls (e.g. GDPR, SOX, BCBS etc.)
  • Identify critical and material spreadsheets in the Client’s network against those policies.
  • Develop and deploy an Inventory Management solution.
  • Monitor policies and Excel files for change as part of a sustainable audit process.
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Remediation & Modelling Partners specialize in using ClusterSeven to:

  • Provide excel remediation services for core files.
  • Create business models in spreadsheets and other tools.
  • Offer model review services using ClusterSeven.
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Application Providers (ISVs) specialize in using ClusterSeven to:

  • Using ClusterSeven’s solution to augment their existing applications either by:
    1. Using ClusterSeven to identify spreadsheets that could be replaced by the ISV’s application, or
    2. Using ClusterSeven as a quality/audit control mechanism where spreadsheets are a core INPUT, OUTPUT, or INTEGRATED part of an application (e.g. mathematical models, commission calculations).
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Partner Relationship type with ClusterSeven:

  • Referral: Referring opportunities to ClusterSeven, with the view to performing services (or not) at the Client.
  • Reseller: White labelling ClusterSeven’s products to provide Partner solutions to the Client.
  • Embedding: Including ClusterSeven’s products as an integrated solution to the ISV’s application.

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