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ClusterSeven helps you discover, inventorize and gain control of the EUC applications across your business. We increase transparency around your organization’s critical files, their data and use, giving you confidence that the right checks and balances are in place.

We deliver results from day 1 enabling you to:

  • Understand spreadsheet complexity, and assess and reduce the associated risks.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of the spreadsheets, models and other End User Computing applications your organization relies on.
  • Easily see who’s making what changes to them, to help meet audit and compliance requirements.

Find, Assess & Reduce Risk

Feel safer and more confident about the spreadsheets and other EUCs in use across your organization. With ClusterSeven you’ll know where they are, understand their complexity, and be able to expose their data lineage.

Establish Your Spreadsheet Estate

ClusterSeven can scan your infrastructure to locate all your Excel® spreadsheets and other EUCs, including Access® databases. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing how many there are, and when they were created and modified.

Carry Out A Risk Check

Once you've established the spreadsheets your organization is using, you can carry out a deeper risk analysis on critical files using rules that matter to your business, such as:

  • Formula or macro code complexity

  • Use of sensitive terms like 'confidential'

  • Inclusion of unprotected client or personal data

  • Presence of hidden worksheets


You can then examine those files more closely to assess their materiality and the associated regulatory, financial, operational or other risk.

Expose Data Lineage

Use ClusterSeven to expose and understand the data lineage of your spreadsheets, and avoid the risk of inconsistencies and errors proliferating across your estate.

For each spreadsheet, ClusterSeven creates a dependency tree showing the data sources and the file’s relationship with other files in your organization.

You’ll be able to see which files are critical to your operations, and gain insight into the associated risks around data and input quality, so that you can take any remediation steps required.

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Build A Full Picture Of Your High-Risk Files

Maintain an efficient, secure and up-to-date and fully auditable inventory of your spreadsheets, models, and other EUCs. Understand what files you have, who owns each one, and which areas of the business use them.


With ClusterSeven You Can:

  • Record each file using a consistent set of data covering aspects such as business area, process supported, and criticality assessment

  • Control access to your inventory using role-based security

  • Apply a flexible configuration framework to meet your needs — for example, define pages, components, attributes, attribute groups and attribute rules

  • View a full audit trail of changes made to defined attributes

  • Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements

  • Configure automated workflow processes


ClusterSeven scales easily to store inventories of 100,000 files or more. You can import your existing inventories into it, to get started faster.

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Track Changes To Your Spreadsheets

Save time previously spent on manual comparisons and raise your confidence in the accuracy of your spreadsheets. 

Use ClusterSeven To:

  • Compare multiple versions of a file to identify the changes made, when, and by whom

  • Apply a control framework to your spreadsheets and Access databases, to create an audit trail of changes, and see how your files evolve over time

  • Manage the review and approval process for critical cells in high-risk spreadsheets

  • Automate the production of documentary evidence, e.g. for SOX compliance


The increased management control ClusterSeven delivers will help you better manage spreadsheet-dependent processes and reduce the risk of errors.

ClusterSeven works unobtrusively in the background, monitoring, recording and analyzing changes to files (even if they get renamed), and alerting you to any anomalies so that you can take action. All without changing anything about the agility offered by spreadsheets, or the way people work with them.

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  • In ClusterSeven, we have complete visibility of every single spreadsheet from creation through to remediation, with full version history and audit trail. The solution is inherently robust, scalable and reliable.

  • Organizations need solutions like ClusterSeven for spreadsheet and EUC controls that are usable at all levels of the organization, in addition to supporting the needs of audit, risk, and compliance professionals.