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GRC 20/20 Report: Gaining control over End User Computing

Gaining Control over End User Computing: A GRC 2020 Report by Michael Rasmussen.

Read this report to find out why you need to start putting in controls and evidencing how you are using EUCs.


Within this report Michael discusses how the use of end user computing applications such as spreadsheets, emails, and other document types has revolutionized how technology creates value for organizations.


However, this brings a significant challenge to govern and control information and technology in a distributed and dynamic environment. Organizations are facing increased pressures from regulators and auditors to ensure that they have adequate controls over end user computing applications, particularly spreadsheets used in accounting and finance processes. This specifically has caught the attention of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and external auditors. This scrutiny is leading to new SOX failings for companies that had previously had no such failings.


Download the report

Webinar: The spreadsheet and SOX: the never ending battle

There is a continual battle between the use of spreadsheets and SOX that continues to rumble within many organisations. watch this webinar to hear from industry expert Michael Rasmussen (the GRC Pundit) and the recent research study he has conducted ‘Gaining control over End User Computing’. This webinar covers:

  • Initial overview of research findings
  • The latest from the PCAOB
  • Why organisations should be paying attention and looking to manage their Spreadsheet / EUC landscape
  • The relationship between spreadsheets and financial reporting
  • How technology can enable the management of Spreadsheets

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