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If your organization relies on just a handful of critical EUC files, you may not have considered using a EUC risk management solution.

Perhaps you’re finding, however, that manual reviews are a drain on resources, or don’t always deliver the confidence your business needs in its data for financial reporting and other purposes.

We can help, with an easy-to-use, easily accessible and non-invasive solution that lets you:

  • Assess and classify the potential risks of an individual file.
  • Compare different file versions.
  • Discover the links between files and to other data sources.
  • Maintain an inventory of critical spreadsheets, models, tools and other EUCs.
  • Assess And Classify Risks

    Assess and classify the regulatory, financial, operational and other risks of the EUCs that make up your Shadow IT estate.

    ClusterSeven will help you understand the complexity of a your data and identify where there is potential for error, equipping you to:

    • Remediate errors — for example, by amending spreadsheet design.
    • Improve governance — for example, by implementing stronger policies or controls.

    Cloud Spreadsheet Manager

  • Compare Spreadsheet Versions

    Automatically compare multiple versions of a spreadsheet to quickly identify who did what to it, when.

    With ClusterSeven you can carry out repeated comparisons to help you:

    • Reduce the risk of errors
    • Increase your confidence in the accuracy of spreadsheet data
    • Improve control over spreadsheet-dependent processes

    Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager

  • Maintain An EUC File Inventory

    Create a secure inventory of your critical spreadsheets, models and other EUCs with an automatic audit trail.

    Uploading your EUCs to ClusterSeven lets you:

    • Store them securely and control who can access them.
    • Define spreadsheet attributes for ClusterSeven to track.
    • See all the changes that take place to those spreadsheet attributes over time.
    • Configure an automated workflow for approval, attestation and reporting purposes.

    Inventory Management System

Security Built In

All the ClusterSeven capability you need can be securely delivered from the cloud, with Cloud Spreadsheet Manager or for those that want an on premise solution, Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager is the most comprehensive spreadsheet management solution on the market.

  • Data centers certified to the highest standards.
  • Data encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Network security monitored 24/7 by our operations team.
  • Regular independent penetration tests and security audits.

Our service is backed by a high availability SLA with redundant architecture, load balancing and disaster recovery failover between geographically distant secondary data centers.

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  • Industry leader since 2003

  • Clients across 20 countries

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  • ISO27001 InfoSec certified

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