Non-Invasive Monitoring

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At first sight, using desk-top software to control end user computing (EUC) may seem like a good idea. However, this approach to achieving compliance is fraught with problems. How can you tell if it is being used or even if it is working? How can you tell if somebody switches it off or circumvents it? And IT have complaints about it being difficult to support. Even for well behaved users, the time consumed in running slow desk top tools means that they will be tempted to avoid such tasks when the pressure is on which is just when controls should be applied and, for compliance sake, need to be applied.

ClusterSeven has solved all these problems. Our software runs on its own application server(s) within your firewall. We simply listen for the relevant file events on your network to identify and track critical EUC activity. From one location we can monitor all your critical spreadsheets and MS Access® files. These can be within the same building or stretched across multiple locations, cities and states, even across countries and continents.

The power of non-invasive watching combined with central processing brings many advantages:

  • Your users don’t have to wait for slow desktop processing to complete

  • Central reporting easily shows you whether all EUCs are compliant and all approval tasks have been completed

  • Users can’t switch it off or avoid the need to complete control tasks

  • Anomalous EUC activity is automatically reported without waiting for users to discover and report problems

  • Infrastructure is efficiently utilized with low support costs.

  • Easy to scale as load increases

  • You don’t need agents on file servers or add-ins within your spreadsheets that increase maintenance costs.
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“We wanted to monitor their use without impacting the speed of our transactions. ClusterSeven’s was the only product we identified that could do what we were asking”

Roger Gentry, service delivery manager of the energy branch at EDF Energy

“Even competitors admit that ClusterSeven's strength lies in a relatively strong capability to continually monitor changes in multiple types of file stores. ”

Gartner, 2008