Client and Partner Testimonials

  • "After implementing ClusterSeven, it took Janus only a month to start noticing improved operational performance and insights. Improving the controls over spreadsheets not only had a positive impact on Janus’ risk profile but also its business areas are now more aware of their spreadsheet use on a much larger scale."

    Todd Roser,

    Director, Janus Capital Management

  • “Using ClusterSeven has given us a good understanding of the extent of spreadsheet activity within our business. The software will help us to improve our operational controls and governance, including better data quality, lower manual costs, and better insight for our IT development plans.”

    Nick Lloyd

    Head of Investment Technology at Schroders

  • "In addition to improving the operational control and governance of our business spreadsheet activity, we are particularly interested in using ClusterSeven’s software to explore new business trends through greater analysis of our financial data."

    Bernard Fromson

    Head of Analytics, Corporate and Institutional Banking at Investec

  • “We are looking forward to our new partnership with ClusterSeven. ClusterSeven’s spreadsheet management should enhance many of our processes around data quality, and provide closer alignment between IT development plans and business priorities.”

    Amy Carroll

    Vice President of Operational Risk and Process Management at Janus

  • “The understanding and control of spreadsheet activity we get with ClusterSeven allows us to improve our operational controls and governance. These include better data quality, lower manual costs, and better insight to inform our IT development plans.”

    Paul Gospage

    COO Bank of London and The Middle East

  • “We are pleased to think of ourselves as a leader in implementing such a solution, both in our sector and beyond. Many of the team at BlackRock have vast experience in this field and have been working to refine the solution for many years. We are quite unique and creative in the way that we use ESM and have partnered with the ClusterSeven team to continually refine the solution to meet our requirements. It is satisfying when we see new versions of ESM released with new functionality and ideas that we have contributed to.”

    Stuart Symonds

    Director Aladdin & Technology, BlackRock

  • “Ensuring good quality data management is a fundamental requirement to support the continued success of Canopius. The real power of the software is its ability to embed appropriate data- and function-checks as part of our normal business practices. It is difficult to know how this could be done effectively without using this type of technology.”

    Mark Allen

    Head of Business Information at Canopius

  • "Crucially, ClusterSeven's technology lets us manage our spreadsheets like any other business application."

    "The main area of difficulty with spreadsheets is the change control process. Having built them and gone through a rigorous testing process, they are left exposed to errors, and, over time, they can eventually corrupt."

    "ClusterSeven's technology has functionality in a number of areas, but its core strength is that it gives a fully auditable view of each spreadsheet. We can configure the technology to take all the manual efforts away from ensuring only the right changes occur."

    Stephen Ashton

    Head of IT business management, Dresdner Kleinwort

  • "When ClusterSeven approached us, it was the first time we had seen such a product. We immediately realized its value to us as a company."

    "With ClusterSeven, we have an extra layer of checking. If there are any discrepancies, we can spot them immediately and correct them as they happen."

    "Within minutes of a spreadsheet being saved, ClusterSeven will tell you if something needs closer inspection. We have set up alerts to notify us of specified changes to spreadsheets at a cellular level."

    George Flynn

    Business analyst of product control, European Credit Management

  • "We wanted to manage spreadsheets. Not stop their usage, but facilitate it in a controlled manner."

    "Post transformation, we discussed with the FSA [UK Financial Regulator] the benefits of ClusterSeven spreadsheet management in the area of product control. Their reaction was extremely positive. They’re very receptive to the steps that we’ve taken."

    "We are impressed with the positive effects of ClusterSeven’s technology on our operations and our culture."

    "We now have a fully-automated and systematic set of business controls and processes that encourage our spirit of innovation while ensuring best practice in terms of operational risk and compliance."

    "Important business spreadsheets can be identified, managed and then prioritised for migration into our central applications."

    Don Simpson

    Managing Director of Operations and Technology, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities

  • "We wanted to monitor their use without impacting the speed of our transactions. ClusterSeven's was the only product we identified that could do what we were asking."

    Roger Gentry

    Service delivery manager of the energy branch at EDF Energy.

  • "Once end users began working with the application, the insight and control over the spreadsheet environment made users realize that they wanted and needed this control"

    "ClusterSeven showed responsiveness and insight throughout the selection process, which inspired confidence in future support."

    "The ability to audit changes and recreate prior versions that ClusterSeven provides is a significant time saving that end users can't argue with."

    Kathleen Wilhide

    Research Analyst, IDC Case Study

  • “Data quality and control have become critical to risk management in the current business environment. Spreadsheets lie at the heart of an insurance firm’s business and as such insurers need solutions to manage, control and authenticate their key spreadsheet files. ClusterSeven’s product and service capability are exactly what we needed to keep MAP at the forefront of best-practice operational risk management.”

    Adrian Duggleby

    Head of IT at MAP

  • "Adopting ClusterSeven gives us central visibility of activity in our business critical spreadsheets and helps protect against operational loss."

    Pete Coleman

    Head of IT Development at Nationwide.

  • "Spreadsheets are prolific, ubiquitous and highly useful to operations but pose critical risks to many financial processes. In our role as strategic technology partner to Nationwide, we must help it choose the right solution to manage this risk."

    "ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Management offers the best capabilities and technology to ensure long-term business value."

    Jamuna Ravi

    Head of Europe for the Banking and Capital Markets Practice for Infosys Technologies

  • "Our extensive research focused on front office solution providers recognises key players such as ClusterSeven and its leading presence in the global financial services market"

    Michon Schenck

    COO of Financial Insights, an IDC company

  • "Distributed data in spreadsheets is a major business and IT headache. By integrating ClusterSeven, IBM Cognos users can accelerate replacement or plan for their control."

    "Business intelligence and spreadsheets will always be joined at the hip. With this new transparency we can ensure our clients are aware of new areas of critical spreadsheet activity."

    Karl Mullins

    CEO of Assimil8, an IBM Business Partner

  • "Many compliance products claim to deliver permanent business efficiencies but come up short in the areas of governance and risk management. ClusterSeven thoroughly meets these demands while enabling financial institutions to cut costs and make the most of the systems they have, placing it in a unique position within the world of spreadsheet management."

    Neil Rowatt

    founding partner of silverminute

  • "ClusterSeven builds on our standard controls to provide a solution that has solved the additional demands of some of the world's premier financial institutions."

    Scott McMullan

    Google Apps Partner Lead for Google Enterprise.

  • "ClusterSeven has consistently contributed to the best practices of the Microsoft development process."

    Craig Saint-Amour

    U.S. capital markets industry solutions director, Microsoft

  • "ClusterSeven's software allows businesses to continue using spreadsheets but within a structured environment and promoting best practice."

    Geoff Dixon

    CEO, DoubleHelix,

  • "ClusterSeven's software addresses a real business problem and we expect that it will soon become the industry-wide standard, found within every major global investment bank."

    Sanjay Malik

    President and CEO of Panache

  • "Solving ‘Spreadsheet Hell’ is an integral part of better business intelligence. ClusterSeven helps us to investigate the scale of the problem, define appropriate solutions and implement rigorous management of data that would otherwise live in spreadsheets ‘out in the wild’.

    Matt Quinn

    Director Altius, Specialist in Business Intelligence and Performance Management, Microsoft, Oracle and BOARD Partner