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Surveys by leading auditors show that over 70% of major businesses are critically dependent on spreadsheets.

One of the obstacles to more frequent oversight of these critical spreadsheets is the availability of resources. There just aren’t enough staff, and manually checking even simple spreadsheets is very time consuming.

To overcome these obstacles, both audit and business process owners can embrace automated audit analytics technologies. Automation acts as a productivity multiplier by eliminating time-intensive manual testing, freeing up time to chase down highlighted risks.

ClusterSeven in the Cloud automates the analysis of spreadsheets, providing rapid detection of vulnerabilities. Simply select a spreadsheet from your browser and within seconds receive a complete set of annotations, highlighting any area that breaches your internal policies.

Whether you are looking for sensitive data such as SSNs, adjustments hidden inside important formulas or links to other data sources, this cloud analysis provides a cost effective and easy-to-use solution.

  • Analyze any spreadsheet across your organization

  • Provide access to any number of users across your organization

  • No hardware or software to install – uses a standard browser

  • Files are analyzed on a highly secure (SAS70II) environment for complete confidentiality

  • No impact on your original spreadsheets

  • No performance degradation on your end user PCs
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Efforts to eliminate spreadsheets repeatedly fail due to their fundamental value in closing the gap between business needs and formal IT applications. Nevertheless, this approach causes problems:

  • Audit points leading to expensive, time consuming audit meetings
  • Regulatory criticism leading to expensive, time consuming reporting
  • Financial reporting mistakes with loss of money and internal reputation
  • External and client reporting mistakes costing you money and reputation
  • Missed business deadlines while spreadsheets are checked and corrected