Capital Markets

Spreadsheets have a natural home in the financial services industry. Front office usage is common in exotic and structured products. Middle office activities such as risk and performance monitoring invariably involve aggregation and analysis of distributed financial data in spreadsheets. In the back office, accounts and reconciliation usually require desktop manipulation to confirm counterparty understanding and support the mainstream accounting systems, often in association with Access databases. Further downstream in the business spreadsheets become the ongoing record for monitoring and managing the portfolio position or the client transaction.

Understanding business activity at the level of individual transactions is critical to understanding and reporting positions, client relationships and regulatory compliance. Errors must be identified and resolved fast, often requiring intensive manual effort.

With ClusterSeven you can choose the degree of business process change appropriate for each department. Front office monitoring can be invisible while the middle office can alleviate many of their spreadsheet pain points and deliver more objective reports. Client reporting can be rapidly validated before issue, avoiding costly errors.

ClusterSeven’s exception reports and alerts mean that abnormal user activity (or inactivity) can be distinguished and pinpointed for prompt mitigation.

The speed of ClusterSeven's analysis and error detection can also move beyond monitoring just end users. Many risk assessment processes require the central aggregation of information from multiple systems (such as trading, limits and back office systems) through the extraction and combination of various flat data files. ClusterSeven can automatically validate these processes, ensuring that risk calculations are properly calculated. Find out more in our Data Validation Case Study.

“In our role as strategic technology partner to Nationwide, we must help it choose the right solution to manage this risk. ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Management offers the best capabilities and technology to ensure long-term business value.”

Jamuna Ravi, Head of Europe for Banking and Capital Markets, Infosys Technologies

"Crucially, ClusterSeven's technology lets us manage our spreadsheets like an other business application."

Stephen Ashton, Head of IT Business Management, Dresdner Kleinwort (ClusterSeven client)