Assess Spreadsheet Risk & Other End User Computing Risk

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After conducting a spreadsheet or other End User Computing (EUC) discovery process, the second step in establishing control is to understand the spreadsheet risk presented by each file. ClusterSeven has worked with leading companies, auditors and risk experts to establish a comprehensive list of spreadsheet risk rules. Over 60 out-of-the-box-checks address a wide variety of spreadsheet risk factors such as:

Spreadsheet Risk Factor Examples

Cell Content

High risk formulas, ERROR type cells, PCI data

File Structure

Hidden worksheets, reliance on names

Data Presentation

Hidden cells, matching text and background colors

Data Connections

Names linking to external sources

VBA Code

Poor code, embedded references or passwords

Range Settings

Non-contiguous named ranges

Protection Settings

Unprotected macros, unsecured worksheets


You can also add your own spreadsheet risk checks without requiring IT resource . These may include searches for sensitive business-specific information such as client names or account information. ClusterSeven’s server-based processing means that you can complete large scale spreadsheet risk assessments automatically at speed. This avoids the slow manual interaction that is common with desk-top based approaches.

The result is a complete spreadsheet risk drill-down environment that takes you:

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“We wanted to manage spreadsheets. Not stop their usage, but facilitate it in a controlled manner.”

Don Simpson, MD of Operations and Technology, MUSI (ClusterSeven client)

“ClusterSeven’s technology has functionality in a number of areas, but its core strength is that it gives a fully auditable view of each spreadsheet.”

Stephen Ashton, Head of IT business management, Dresdner Kleinwort (ClusterSeven client)

“ClusterSeven builds on our standard controls to provide a solution that has solved the additional demands of some of the world’s premier financial institutions.”

Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead for Google Enterprise