Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

This community knows all about control. Nowhere else is regulation so demanding.

It is not surprising that this sector was the first market to address the requirement to manage spreadsheets. Unfortunately as a sector on its own Pharma was not large enough to stimulate truly innovative solutions. The result has been that they have had to cope with legacy technologies that frustrate the underlying  business processes.

As a result early stage work completed with the freedom of native Excel has commonly had to be repeated. Only during the second time around have users been prepared to deal  with the restrictive and frustrating control solutions. Now, with the rise of ClusterSeven enterprise spreadsheet management in the much larger sector of financial services, Pharmaceuticals can benefit from the same non-invasive controls and audit reporting. Spreadsheet activity can be monitored from from the start of concept innovation with no business delay. That means earlier control and earlier control means earlier submissions and earlier product launch.

“Once end users began working with the application, the insight and control over the spreadsheet environment made users realize that they wanted and needed this control.”

IDC Case Study on ClusterSeven client