Continuous Controls Monitoring & Validation

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Spreadsheet discovery and risk assessment show what you have today. Tomorrow it will be different. The objective of managing user developed applications (UDAs)/end user computing (EUC) is therefore to ensure the sustainable correctness of each file without excessive overhead. ClusterSeven achieves this by applying continuous controls monitoring (CCM) and validation tests through a combination of preventive, detective and corrective controls. The right balance of these different controls depends on multiple factors:

  • the materiality and deadlines associated with each business process

  • the demands of regulation, company policy and segregation of duties

  • the frequency and nature of spreadsheet changes

  • the sophistication of the spreadsheet users

These variables mean that a ‘one size’ approach will not fit all departments. The ClusterSeven management framework provides simple options to ensure all your needs are met. ClusterSeven and/or our professional services partners can advise you on the choices most appropriate for your business – all of which will be displayed on your personal dashboard.

Whatever your approach, one requirement is the same: you cannot afford to be drowned by information. Audit trails that require lengthy searches or generate multiple false alerts will accelerate user disillusionment and system obsolescence. ClusterSeven solves these problems. Our continuous controls monitoring is intelligent, automatically filtering out business-as-usual activity, to make sure that you only get alerted to real problems. For example, take our ‘Data Sort’ test: make a change and sort the data; now try and find the change. This intelligence will save you hours.

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“We now have our spreadsheets in an environment where they can be monitored and managed. We can audit the changes, control, and check that the things that should be altered are altered. Everyone focuses on things that shouldn’t change, but you also have to look carefully at the things that need to be changing. ”

Don Simpson, MD of Operations and Technology, MUSI (ClusterSeven client)

“We can configure the technology to take all the manual efforts away from ensuring only the right changes occur.”

Stephen Ashton, Head of IT business management, Dresdner Kleinwort (ClusterSeven client)

“Adopting ClusterSeven gives us central visibility of activity in our business critical spreadsheets and helps us protect against operational loss.”

Peter Cole, Head of IT Development at Nationwide (ClusterSeven client)