Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities value chain is complex and high value. Communication of specialized and complex information within and between businesses is common and the spreadsheet is a natural container for this information. These issues are not just limited to energy providers, they apply equally to high volume energy consumers such as transportation and industrial sectors. 

Liberalization of gas and power markets has brought added complexity. For energy providers this means faster speed to market, greater product ranges and dealing with complex transportation and storage issues. For both providers and consumers it drives a need for better risk management. No technology systems have fully addressed the mix of financial and physical issues that are generated as energy moves from source to consumption. To fill these gaps business users commonly build new functionality at the desktop. For a fuller analysis of this issue see the joint Protiviti - ClusterSeven presentation on spreadsheet usage in energy trading.

ClusterSeven’s software brings transparency to the exchange of spreadsheet information that supports the agreement of demand profiles, hedging, pricing and billing. New changes are easy to locate, accelerating responses and business action. All this is possible because ClusterSeven does not have to be present when the changes are made. 

In the trading and commercial businesses, new products can be defined, communicated, captured and integrated at speed. The business is now free to develop markets and processes organically and to drive the IT replacement lifecycle at their own pace and budget.

The speed of ClusterSeven's analysis and error detection can also move beyond monitoring just end users. Many risk assessment processes require the central aggregation of information from multiple systems (such as trading, limits and back office systems) through the extraction and combination of various flat data files. ClusterSeven can automatically validate these processes, ensuring that risk calculations are properly calculated. Find out more in our Data Validation Case Study.

"The insight and control over the spreadsheet environment made users realize that they wanted and needed this control. When an error occurs, the ability to audit changes and recreate prior versions that ClusterSeven provides is a significant time savings that end user can’t argue with."

IDC Case Study

"ClusterSeven’s software allows businesses to continue using spreadsheets but within a structured environment and promoting best practice."

Geoff Dixon, CEO, DoubleHelix