Workflow for Control of Spreadsheets and other User Developed Applications

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The ClusterSeven solution is a single integrated platform which covers all workflow and lifecycle stages for spreadsheet control and beyond. This includes creating an inventory of end user computing (EUC) or user-developed applications (UDA) (through eDiscovery) to detecting anomalies and documenting approval processes. ClusterSeven automatically knows the status of every controlled spreadsheet and EUC/UDA, including the details of any required approvals. This is critical for accelerating workflow in time-critical business processes, ensuring that spreadsheet control does not stall key decisions.

The ClusterSeven approach avoids the need for staff to juggle multiple non-integrated utilities (such as desktop comparison tools).  Moreover, since all data processing takes place centrally, users are presented with the information they need at speed, rather than waiting for file analysis to be completed at their desktop.

The details of specific workflow and reporting will vary according to corporate policies and business process requirements (for example whether sign off is required) and are easily configured within ClusterSeven.

Stakeholders have instant access to the progress of the spreadsheet control workflow and can drill down through intuitive graphic reports, or receive automated alerts and pdf reports.

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“With ClusterSeven, we have an extra layer of checking. If there are any discrepancies, we can spot them immediately and correct them as they happen.”

George Flynn, business analyst of product control, European Credit Management (ClusterSeven client)

“We wanted to monitor their use without impacting the speed of our transactions. ClusterSeven’s was the only product we identified that could do what we were asking.”

Roger Gentry, service delivery manager of the energy branch at EDF Energy (ClusterSeven client)