Registration of Files for Spreadsheet Compliance

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Most organizations do not want to apply control and compliance policies to every single spreadsheet or MS Access® database created by employees in the business. Registration is the step by which specific spreadsheets and other user developed applications/end user computing (EUC/UDAs) in this wider inventory are placed under management to achieve compliance. The decision on which spreadsheets to register is normally determined by governance risk and compliance (GRC) policies. Increasingly, however, users are electing to use ClusterSeven functionality for productivity purposes and demand rapid and direct control over EUC registration.

ClusterSeven offers three routes to Registration:

1. Spreadsheet compliance via bulk registration
This approach is typically utilized in the early stages of UDA/EUC management and spreadsheet compliance projects where large numbers of files must be placed under management in a short period of time. It may be seen as the third step in implementing a spreadsheet management framework (i.e. after eDiscovery and Risk Assessment). ClusterSeven supports bulk registration for spreadsheet compliance as one intelligent operation, based on such factors as location, dates, file/folder naming patterns or just from a predefined list.

2. Spreadsheet compliance via automated registration
In this environment all spreadsheets and other UDA/EUCs matching specific risk rules are automatically placed under compliance management by ClusterSeven. These risk rules may be determined by multiple factors such as file content (e.g. the file contains links to specific central applications), named users or file location(s).

3. Spreadsheet compliance via user registration
Where the business places responsibility for registration with the users this can be achieved directly from a ClusterSeven web page or the Excel Ribbon/Command Bar. This also enables registration for ad hoc use of ClusterSeven. Alternatively, where the business requires more information from the user as to the context and purpose of the spreadsheet (for example to deliver centralized auto-documentation) ClusterSeven provides a Registration Wizard.

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“Once end users began working with the application, the insight and control over the spreadsheet environment made users realize that they wanted and needed this control.”

IDC Case Study on ClusterSeven client

“By implementing a systematic tool you are no longer reliant on the users to put manual controls in place to flag up errors.”

Stephen Ashton, Head of IT business management, Dresdner Kleinwort (ClusterSeven client)

“Spreadsheets are ubiquitous. They’re increasingly part of our fabric and just as important as some of our big ticket, large systems”

Don Simpson, MD of Operations and Technnology, MUSI (ClusterSeven client)