Audit & Advisory Firms

Regulators demand robust disclosure processes with severe penalties for non-compliance. Businesses must ensure, and demonstrably ensure, that they are resilient against fraud and accidental error. In the past there has been a tacit understanding between auditors and their clients that business critical spreadsheets and MS Access databases could be considered short-lived and hence placed outside of immediate concerns. However, the continuing and often expanding presence of these end user applications has exposed this belief as nothing more than denial.

With auditors firmly in the firing line to keep their clients in-line with regulations, controls on end user applications have risen to the top of the audit agenda. The result is that clients are turning to their auditors and advisory firms to seek solutions.

With growing experience in this area both auditors and risk advisors are becoming much better informed about the requirements for the successful introduction of software based controls. In addition a growing number are independently using ClusterSeven's Audit Analytics technology to assess and demonstrate the extent of the problem to clients.

ClusterSeven strongly recommends that clients speak to their advisors about this experience in order that they do not make decisions based on product demonstrations alone.

ClusterSeven’s record of successful projects is unequalled by any other vendor. We bring visibility, and demonstrable control without requiring unacceptable business restraints. Our clients are now able to sail past such audit concerns while their contemporaries engage in lengthy conversations about the fallibility of expensive manual controls or struggle to implement restrictive and incomplete solutions.

For advisory firms, the opportunity to use ClusterSeven as the accelerator for major business transformation means that we open the door to projects and benefits that considerably exceed the expectations of 'just' spreadsheet control.