Combining Services & Software for the Control of End User Computing (EUC)

And Accelerate the Process of Business Transformation

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The control of spreadsheets and MS Access® databases (also known as end user computing or EUCs) can be delivered as a short term tactical objective. With ClusterSeven, it also enables strategic goals, such as establishing a platform for business process transformation. Both tactical and strategic goals are optimized by a combination of strong business knowledge and EUC control software.

EUCs support virtually every kind of business process. For this reason ClusterSeven works closely with clients’ internal and external business experts who are familiar with specific business sectors in order to maximize the value of adopting our technology.

During the Identify Phase (B), ClusterSeven’s unique dynamic discovery capabilities offer the deepest possible insight into EUC activity and risk.

ClusterSeven also offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of control and reporting frameworks during the Assessment Phase (C) of the project. Unlike ‘one-size-fits-all’ software, this enables advisers (internal and external) to align EUC controls with the different needs of particular business processes, thereby ensuring minimum business disruption and maximum adoption.

Once control is established, the ClusterSeven data-warehouse provides unique opportunities in the Remediate/Replace Phase (E) to directly exploit validated data collected by the solution. For example, manual operations, such as reconciliations, can be eliminated, thereby allowing easier and more frequent checks on business integrity.

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"Important business spreadsheets can be identified, managed and then prioritized for migration into our central applications"

Don Simpson, MD of Operations and Technology, MUSI

"Solving ‘Spreadsheet Hell’ is an integral part of better business intelligence. ClusterSeven helps us to investigate the scale of the problem, define appropriate solutions and implement rigorous management of data that would otherwise live in spreadsheets ‘out in the wild’.

Matt Quinn, Director Altius Specialist in Business Intelligence and Performance Management, Microsoft, Oracle and BOARD Partner