ClusterSeven and GRC 20/20 Webinar for Financial Services Firms on Model Risk Management

This webinar was recorded on  Thursday, November 13th by Michael Rasmussen, Chief GRC Pundit and Founder of GRC 20/20, and Ralph Baxter, CEO and Founder of ClusterSeven.

This webinar focuses on how organizations can provide a firm foundation of model risk management that addresses model governance, lifecycle, and architecture to manage models and mitigate the risk they introduce while capitalizing on the significant value of models when properly used.

The webinar covers:

  • The Critical Nature and Reliance on Models in Financial Services
  • When Models Fail the Organization
  • Model Risk Management Governance, Policy & Inventory
  • Model Risk Management Lifecycle
  • Model Risk Management Information & Technology Architecture


The data quality challenge - what about all the spreadsheets?

This presentation explores the latest commentary on spreadsheet data quality issues relevant to the London market insurance community.

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What lies beneath - the unseen risk in our data

Helping Internal Audit Meet the Demands of the FSA Data Audit / ‘External’ Review for Solvency II

As part of the Solvency II external review, the FSA have made it clear that they expect to be able to rely on an independent Data Quality Assessment having been performed by each firm to confirm that the correct control environment exists for all Internal Model data. However, they are aware that substantial data operations take place outside core systems in locations such as spreadsheets and CSV extracts. The challenge, explored in this presentation, is "How can Internal Audit meet the requirements of the FSA Data Audit when the reviewers need to demonstrate the “Appropriateness, Accuracy and Completeness” of Actuarial data management‟

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Overcoming the data hurdle for Solvency II

The FSA Data Audit for Solvency II has brought data management and data assurance to the top of the agenda for Internal Audit departments. This means working with the actuarial community to find ways of ensuring compliance while minimising the cost of administration.

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Spreadsheet Data Management – Solvency II

Under the Solvency II regulatory regime insurers will be expected to manage the data risk inherent in spreadsheet systems. This presentation addresses these and other regulatory requirements affecting the use of spreadsheets in insurance operations, and illustrates how ClusterSeven can assist you in meeting them.

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Spreadsheets and Access Databases – The Role of Continous Validation

This is the presentation given to the European Spreadsheet Risks Group in July 2010. This explores how continuous validation can rapidly highlight business integrity issues without requiring users to conduct lengthy searches through an audit trail.

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Spreadsheet Control Webinar Hosted by Morgan Franklin

"We haven’t had any significant spreadsheet errors. Therefore, we probably have reasonable spreadsheet controls; and I have other important things to focus on." This hypothesis works until you wake up and find that you are a headline on Google.

You should listen to this recorded webinar if you say yes to any of the following questions:

  • Have you ever detected an error after the spreadsheet was distributed?
  • Do you utilize spreadsheets to support critical business decisions or reporting?
  • Are you concerned that the controls in place to mitigate spreadsheet risk are not effective or properly evidenced?

Managers and supervisors need a process that helps their organization easily assess risks in their spreadsheet environment, as well as help to align consistent controls to mitigate assessed risks.

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Addressing the Spreadsheet Problem in Energy Trading Hosted by Protiviti

Spreadsheets are pervasive throughout the energy trading process. This is because energy trading markets are frequently changing - new products, instruments and derivatives. User expectations for agility and "real time" information mean that IT cannot react quickly enough. Indeed in many cases a spreadsheet is the right solution if it can be controlled.

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The Plague of Spreadsheet Fraud & How to Address It

This is the presentation given to the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) in early May, 2010. This documents the main groups of spreadsheet fraud, with many examples, and shows how ClusterSeven technology can detect these behaviors.

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Spreadsheets Anonymous - only you can decide if they can help you

A light-hearted approach to test your addiction to spreadsheets. Enjoy the presentation and come chat with us about the realities of spreadsheet management.

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