ClusterSeven Business Intelligence Integration

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Many business processes are supported by both central, robust applications and end user computing (EUC) / user-developed applications (UDA). Central applications give you transparency into one part of the process, ClusterSeven into the other. However, even though both sets of applications have the same users, the enterprise rarely has end-to-end transparency, compromising overall business integrity. ClusterSeven solves this problem. Enterprises who want a unified view across their full business process can now benefit from direct integration between ClusterSeven and IBM Cognos®.

Assimil8, an IBM Business Partner has built a reporting and viewing layer on top of the ClusterSeven database. This means that, from a single interface, users can monitor and interrogate information and activity across entire business processes, covering Business Intelligence (BI), Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and End User Computing. Some examples of the available EUC / UDA information are presented below:

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“Distributed data in spreadsheets is a major business and IT headache. By integrating ClusterSeven, IBM Cognos® users can accelerate replacement or plan for their control.”

“Business intelligence and spreadsheets will always be joined at the hip. With this new transparency we can ensure our clients are aware of new areas of critical spreadsheet activity”

Karl Mullins, CEO of Assimil8, IBM Business Partner

“Important business spreadsheets can be identified, managed and then prioritised for migration into our central applications”

Don Simpson, MD of Operations and Technology, MUSI (ClusterSeven client)