ClusterSeven File Migrator

ClusterSeven File Migrator is the solution for maintaining spreadsheet integrity when moving spreadsheets to a new location or upgrading them to new versions of Microsoft Excel. The problem arises when moving a file with multiple spreadsheet links and other dependencies from one location or file format to another, such as during:

  • File Server reorganisation and upgrades
  • Merger or divestment of business units
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Migration of spreadsheets to content repositories, eg MS SharePoint
  • Replacement of systems/data providers (eg Bloomberg to Reuters)
  • Moving files between production and testing/DR environments
  • Archiving spreadsheets, eg. in end of year rollover
  • Microsoft Office Migration projects

Manually locating the files that need to be investigated for any potentially problematic links and then identifying these links is time intensive and unlikely to be comprehensive.

The ClusterSeven File Migrator enables an organization to define file locations and criteria for files (e.g. only consider files updated in the past 12 months) and from this result set automatically identify and report on every link in each spreadsheet. ClusterSeven’s server-side scalability means that a business can run this analysis at speed to large volumes of files across multiple file servers in multiple geographical locations.

Objectives Available

Detect links in

  • Cell formulas
  • Cell data
  • VBA macro code
  • Named Ranges

Detect links to

  • Other workbooks
  • Access Databases
  • Web queries
  • Excel Add-ins
  • Other Databases, eg Oracle / SQL Server / Sybase
  • .csv, .txt, .xml, .rtf files etc


“ClusterSeven has consistently contributed to the best practices of the Microsoft development process”

Craig Saint-Amour, US capital markets industry solutions director, Microsoft Corporation

“ClusterSeven showed responsiveness and insight throughout the selection process, which inspired confidence in future support”

IDC Case Study