ClusterSeven File Migrator

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ClusterSeven File Migrator is the solution for maintaining spreadsheet integrity when moving spreadsheets to a new location or upgrading them to new versions of Microsoft Excel. The problem arises when moving a file with multiple spreadsheet links and other dependencies from one location or file format to another, such as during:

  • File Server reorganisation and upgrades
  • Merger or divestment of business units
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Migration of spreadsheets to content repositories, eg MS SharePoint
  • Replacement of systems/data providers (eg Bloomberg to Reuters)
  • Moving files between production and testing/DR environments
  • Archiving spreadsheets, eg. in end of year rollover
  • Microsoft Office Migration projects

Manually updating links is time intensive and unlikely to be comprehensive. The ClusterSeven File Migrator automatically identifies every link in a spreadsheet and then systematically updates each one. ClusterSeven’s server-side scalability means that you can apply the required transformation at speed to large volumes of files and indpendently test the results.

Objectives Available

Simple Links – eg. “\Testing” to “\Production”

Advanced mappings - combine directory structures or change folder levels

Update links in

  • Cell formulas
  • Cell data
  • VBA macro code
  • Named Ranges

Update links to

  • Other workbooks
  • Access Databases
  • Web queries
  • Excel Add-ins
  • Other Databases, eg Oracle / SQL Server / Sybase
  • .csv, .txt, .xml, .rtf files etc

Migrate to mapped drives, UNC paths, DFS paths, URLs, CNAME aliases

Migrate both relative and absolute paths

Migrating to Office 2007 format files (eg .xls to .xlsx/.xlsm)

Test Mode: see how a mapping will change a file before committing to the change


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“ClusterSeven has consistently contributed to the best practices of the Microsoft development process”

Craig Saint-Amour, US capital markets industry solutions director, Microsoft Corporation

“ClusterSeven showed responsiveness and insight throughout the selection process, which inspired confidence in future support”

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