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There are two approaches to maintaining the correctness of end user computing (EUC) files. Either you empower the end-user directly at the level of individual files, or you maintain integrity simultaneously across multiple files i.e. at an inventory level. ClusterSeven supports both processes. Moreover, both are independently and centrally reported to provide demonstrable compliance.

User-Empowered Integrity for Individual Files

These users want transparency and ease of access to key control functionality at a file level, directly within Microsoft Excel. This means being able to see and fix any problems within their current workbook.

ClusterSeven delivers just this, providing traffic light indicators on spreadsheet health, supported by ‘one-click’ imports for additional information. What’s more, all processing is done on a separate server, so the user gets full transparency without slowing down their computer. Audit history, risk assessments and critical anomalies are stored in a central database, ready to meet users’ requests. In addition, the centralized reporting center automatically sends focused emails or other messages to proactively alert the end user of potential problems. This is vital for large or complex spreadsheets.

Inventory-Wide Integrity Checking

When a stakeholder is responsible for the correctness of multiple EUCs, they don’t have time to work through each one separately. They need to be able to see any issues from a high level and quickly drill down to remedy.

ClusterSeven dashboards give each stakeholder critical information about the files they are interested in. This includes the automated detection and assessment of newly created files, analysis of their dependencies, critical changes, outstanding control tasks and the status of operational jobs such as reconciliations. From here, users can rapidly drill down to investigate issues at a file, sheet, cell or VBA level.

In practice, these two approaches are combined to give full, end-to-end checks on data integrity. ClusterSeven is the only solution which provides easy functionality at both levels.

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"When ClusterSeven approached us, it was the first time we had seen such a product. We immediately realized its value to us as a company."

George Flynn, Business analyst of Product Control, European Credit Management

"The insight and control over the spreadsheet environment made users realize that they wanted and needed this control. When an error occurs, the ability to audit changes and recreate prior versions that ClusterSeven provides is a significant time savings that end user can’t argue with."

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