Intelligent Alerting & Exception Reporting

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When business pressure rises no-one will spend time looking for problems in central audit logs or cell change lists from slow desktop comparison tools. Nor will they accept multiple ‘false’ alerts from normal business activity.

To ensure sustainable control and reduce operational risk, users need to receive focused information fast enough to eliminate problems before losses arise. The enterprise also needs to know that this information has been delivered. Meeting these demands requires a flexible application that can, from one place, discover and report all the risky aspects of user activity (or lack of activity) i.e. contents, metadata and control processes.

ClusterSeven meets these requirements by applying intelligent business rules to filter out irrelevant and standard user activity in order to bring concise alerts direct to users. Alerts come by your preferred route (e.g. email, Instant Messaging, Tivoli). Alternatively, exception information can be sent via pdf reports or drive drillable dashboard traffic lights in ClusterSeven and third party dashboards.

 ClusterSeven exception reporting includes such diverse examples as:

  • Business trend anomalies e.g. values moving outside expected tolerances
  • Risky or sensitive content such as poor logic or personal information
  • Significant structural changes to the EUC / UDA such as new data connections, amended macros, new formulas, sheets or tables
  • Changes in protection settings (e.g. passwords, access control lists)
  • Absence of file activity or lack of updates in key areas of files
  • Creation of new risky files
  • Incomplete or overdue approval processes Errors in data validation or reconciliation processes

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“Within minutes of a spreadsheet being saved, ClusterSeven will tell you if something needs closer inspection.

We have set up alerts to notify us of specified changes to spreadsheets at a cellular level. If a value goes above or below a certain level or someone deletes something they should not, an e-mail or an instant message is sent to the designated administrator.”

George Flynn, business analyst of product control, European Credit Management (ClusterSeven client)

“ClusterSeven’s software addresses a real business problem and we expect that it will soon become the industry-wide standard.”

Sanjay Malik, president and CE0 of Panache (ClusterSeven partner)