A Unified Platform for Your End User Computing (EUC) Management

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Why buy separate, non-integrated components to manage your End User Computing (EUC) when you can have a single, scalable, server platform that can address all your needs from one location? The costs don’t stop with your purchase. Non-integrated components mean:

Poorer Control

  • No consistency in control processes
  • Limited reports from across the EUC inventory for compliance etc.
  • Reliance on ‘sticky tape’ workflow to complete business processes
  • Limited opportunities to integrate control processes with wider governance, control and risk management (GRC) solutions

Higher IT Costs

  • More hardware and less efficient use of the hardware you buy.
  • Less scalability
  • Poorer disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Higher internal support and maintenance costs.
  • Higher set up costs e.g. security configuration

Poorer User Experience

  • Long waiting times for end users while processing completes
  • More user training
  • Longer audits and higher costs

The ClusterSeven solution avoids all of these problems. It is a single integrated server-side application that delivers the full range of EUC management requirements. This includes user productivity improvements (including version comparison), EUC discovery and risk assessment, together with change management and security controls. In addition the underlying database provides additional business value by exposing hidden business trends and supporting automated data validation and integration processes.

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“Crucially, ClusterSeven’s technology lets us manage our spreadsheets like any other business application.”

Stephen Ashton, Head of IT Business Management, Dresdner Kleinwort (ClusterSeven client)

“In our role as strategic technology partner to Nationwide, we must help it choose the right solution to manage this risk. ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Management offers the best capabilities and technology to ensure long-term business value.”

Jamuna Ravi, Head of Europe for Banking and Capital Markets, Infosys Technologies