Integration with Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

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Each new project to improve governance, risk and control (GRC) brings potentially unwelcome side effects – another interface for your risk managers and another data silo. This means new costs for more training and greater support costs for IT. If the project requires multiple software products to be installed, such as additional desk top utilities, then these costs grow further.

Another wave of costs will be incurred if the business needs to integrate data from across multiple GRC solutions in order to deliver a full picture of enterprise risk management. Isolated desk top utilities create an additional problem since it is virtually impossible to integrate their results and activity for central reporting.

ClusterSeven solves these problems for you. Our central solution captures all activity in end user applications (principally spreadsheets and MS Access® databases). After filtering this information to deliver critical alerts and reports, ClusterSeven also records all subsequent approvals and documentation to meet the demands of risk and compliance. All the information you need to confirm the integrity of your end user applications and associated business processes is held in our database with no separate silos of activity or data.

Using standard ClusterSeven dashboards, you can easily interrogate this data. Alternatively, you can benefit from integration with your preferred business dashboards. Some examples are presented below. If you have a question on extending your business intelligence, performance management or risk/control applications to gain visibility over end user computing activity or the content of your spreadsheets then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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“Business intelligence and spreadsheets will always be joined at the hip. With this new transparency we can ensure our clients are aware of new areas of critical spreadsheet activity.”

Karl Mullins, CEO of Assimil8, an IBM Business Partner

“Adopting ClusterSeven gives us central visibility of activity in our business critical spreadsheets and helps protect against operational loss.”

Pete Coleman, Head of IT Development at Nationwide (ClusterSeven client)

“We wanted to manage spreadsheets. Not stop their usage, but facilitate it in a controlled manner.”

Don Simpson, Managing Director of Operations and Technology, MUSI (ClusterSeven client)