Our Mission - The ClusterSeven Conveyor Belt

The birth of a new business-critical spreadsheet or MS Access ® database is a quiet affair. From being a useful point solution they become embedded as a repeated operational application. Auditors would now consider them to be critical end user computing (EUC) or user developed applications (UDA), that should be subject to corporate governance policies.

As staff change, the application moves from owner to owner, sometimes lasting for years. But very few user-developed applications should last for ever. ClusterSeven manages the period between their creation and their retirement (typically when functionality is replaced by new central systems). We act like a conveyor belt, ensuring compliance with governance policies and supporting EUC/UDA integrity for however long you need.

This means that you don't need to be pressured into buying a replacement system until you are ready and you are sure the new solution can truly meet your needs. And when that time comes we give you the information you need to accelerate migration and transform your business. By then we know you will have more spreadsheets for ClusterSeven to manage, back at the start of the conveyor.

Our Heritage

Based in London and New York and with users across more than twenty countries in five  continents, ClusterSeven is the leading provider of strategic software for the management of user-built applications - primarily spreadsheets and MS Access ® databases. Our solutions help firms to balance their governance, risk and regulatory compliance (GRC) obligations with the need for revenue generation, staff efficiency and productivity. ClusterSeven provides non-invasive, passive monitoring and tracking of spreadsheets down to the most granular level.

Since its launch in 2003, ClusterSeven has delivered strategic solutions to a host of blue-chip clients including Dresdner Kleinwort, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International and European Credit Management, helping its customers integrate user applications into their information management systems. A Microsoft gold-certified partner and Google Enterprise Partner, ClusterSeven delivers unparalleled technology that has been recognized in the Securities Tech50 and won awards from The Sand Hill Group and Windows in Financial Services.

Our Principles

ClusterSeven is the trusted solution of the world’s leading institutions. Our multi-disciplinary team understands that spreadsheets and MS Access ® databases are an essential element of your business processes and is committed to ensuring their integrity in your operations.

We bring our team spirit and enthusiasm for innovative solutions to all our relationships. Yet we understand that innovation alone is not enough when dealing with critical financial information and regulated unstructured data. Your need for integrity in your business partners is paramount and we take that responsibility seriously. We protect your enterprise as if it were our own.

“ClusterSeven has consistently contributed to the best practices of the Microsoft development process”

Craig Saint-Amour, US capital markets industry solutions director, Microsoft Corporation

“ClusterSeven showed responsiveness and insight throughout the selection process, which inspired confidence in future support”

IDC Case Study

“In our role as strategic technology partner to Nationwide, we must help it choose the right solution to manage this risk.

ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Management offers the best capabilities and technology to ensure long-term business value.”

Jamuna Ravi, Head of Europe for Banking and Capital Markets, Infosys Technologies

"We are impressed with the positive effects of ClusterSeven’s technology on our operations and our culture."

Don Simpson, Managing Director of Operations and Technology, Mitsubishi UFJ (ClusterSeven client)